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Financial Problems Can Affect Our Emotional and Physical Wellbeing (10 points)

In this part, you will listen to a radio programme in which Peter Stephenson, a financial psychologist, explains how financial mistakes can cause damage to our mind and body. He will mention five common financial mistakes and also suggest ways to avoid them. For every mistake, he will offer one solution. There are two blocks of five matching questions. You will have to match all ten questions while you are listening to this recording. Read the questions carefully before you listen.

For questions 01 – 05, choose from the first list marked (A) – (H) the type of financial mistake the expert describes. For questions 06–10, choose from the second list marked (A) – (H) a solution the expert offers. Be careful, there are three extra possibilities you do not need to use. There is always only one correct answer.

Now you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.

1st LIST

Questions 01 – 05

01 Mistake number 1: ______

02 Mistake number 2: ______

03 Mistake number 3: ______

04 Mistake number 4: ______

05 Mistake number 5: ______

Options (A) – (H)

(A) Having conflicting approaches to spending money

(B) Identifying a sensible place for savings

(C) Trying to implement logic

(D) Lacking a goal while saving

(E) Being unable to negotiate with creditors

(F) Diagnosing an unreal budget

(G) Being influenced by panic and anxiety

(H) Changing your account for better interests

2nd LIST

Questions 06 – 10

06 How to fix mistake number 1: ______

07 How to fix mistake number 2: ______

08 How to fix mistake number 3: ______

09 How to fix mistake number 4: ______

10 How to fix mistake number 5: ______

Options (A) – (H)

(A) Track your spending and make improvements

(B) Make thoughtful and reasoned savings

(C) Take steps to avoid impulse spending

(D) Relax before dealing with money

(E) Include a “blow amount” in your budget

(F) Prepare a detailed plan of potential spending

(G) Discuss openly your attitudes and aims

(H) Prioritize your debts and start on the highest


Hard Training Makes the Star – Thaisa Menezes (6 points)

Read the text and complete the sentences 11–16 below, using the information from the text. Write one or two words in your answers as indicated. The sentences do not follow in the same order as the information appears in the text.

Zurich, Switzerland, May 8, 2014 – Molico Osasco star middle blocker Thaisa, FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) Women’s Club World Championship gold medallist in 2012, is an example that everybody can become a good player by hard work and a big passion for volleyball.

The Brazilian national player, Thaisa Menezes, is one of the most famous volleyball players all over the world and a lot of children look up to the 26-year-old middle blocker. Thaisa has already won two gold medals at the Olympics, one gold medal at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship, three times gold at FIVB Grand Prix and a lot of individual awards – an impressive amount.

However, like every volleyball player, Thaisa had to learn the basics and to work hard as a young girl in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. As the Brazilian national player says: “I started to play volleyball thirteen years ago.” Thaisa stuck to her dream of becoming a volleyball player and exercised hard every day: “I played from two till eight o’clock in the evening against a wall: the reception and smash the whole time. Some of my friends said that it was foolish, but I believed in it and worked hard for my dream.”

The effort bore early fruits after five months, as the middle blocker remembers: “I got the chance to play in a team representing Rio de Janeiro, which was a very important opportunity.”

Thaisa Menezes has become a big star in international volleyball over the course of time and even more in her home nation Brazil. Thaisa has been on covers of magazines and on TV. However, she knows well that this life in the public eye also has disadvantages: “There are lots of photographers taking pictures of me going to the beach or shopping. It isn’t always easy, but I want to separate private and public life as far as I can. I don’t want to be famous, I want to play volleyball.”

As famous as Thaisa is for her exceptional play, she’s also known for her tattoos: “Beijing 2008” and “London 2012” are written on her two underarms. A special story is relevant: “It was a hard season before the Olympic Games in Beijing and I prayed that we could win this gold medal. I promised to God that I would tattoo it if we made it.” The Brazilian national player suited action to word after winning her first gold medal – and did the same after the second victory at the Olympics.

However, there’s also another important highlight for Thaisa Menezes this year: The FIVB Women’s World Championship in Italy, even more so after the disappointment from the last two times: “We reached both times only the second place.” Nevertheless, the Brazilian national players want to win this missing gold in their collection: “We will train hard during this summer.

We want to be ready and take gold back to Brazil.” The 26-year-old is even ready for certain sacrifices. “We will have to train hard during the FIFA Football World Championship in our country, and as a consequence we won’t have a lot of time to watch the games. We want two gold medals for Brazil this summer, one in football and the other in volleyball.”

Everybody needs an idol, children even more. Thaisa is proud to be an inspiration for a lot of young girls. The big star reveals even her idol: “I always looked up to Gustavo Endres. It was such an amazing feeling when I saw him for the first time.”

11 Gold medals from Beijing and London resulted in Thaisa’s being ______. (1 word)

12 Thaisa tries to keep her ______ away from the public. (1 word)

13 ______ ______ is a person Thaisa admires a lot. (2 words)

14 Thaisa believed in Brazil getting ______ ______ in two different sports in summer 2014. (2 words)

15 Shortly after Thaisa began training sessions, she was chosen as a/an ______ of her hometown. (1 word)

16 At the beginning of her career, Thaisa focused on the ______ and ______ as two basic playing skills. (2 words)


Football in England and Italy (10 points)

For questions 17–25, read the text below. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a new word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (00).

Once the game’s 00 (spirit) spiritual home, Italy’s national sport has been marred by violence. It’s instructive to compare Italy’s hard times with those of England in the mid-80s. English clubs were banned from participation in European 17 (compete) after the disaster of 1985, when a wall collapsed after Liverpool fans made a charge on 18 (oppose) supporters.

It seemed then that, in England, football was 19 (evitable) associated with bad things. There was a nationwide 20 (crazy) for American football, and people were suggesting that it would replace the local 21 (vary); a product that was clean, expensive, glamorous, and 22 (class). But no. Football goes deeper, too deep, and what’s more, it’s not a product. The founding of the Premier League in 1992 brought football whizzing back to the top of the nation’s sporting agenda.

Italian football has got rather sordid, even if it can’t rival England’s dark days. There is still a good deal of violence associated with the game. Such things put normal people off. Italian football must seek to win back its own game. The good news is that in football there is always a 23 (willing) to believe again. There are suggested 24 (prescribe) for the sickness, most of them copied from the Premier League: having a title sponsor, a better relationship with major international corporations – all in all, a greater 25 (obsess) with money rather than prestige or local rivalries or – perish the thought – football.

Správne odpovede

LISTENING Financial Problems Can Affect Our Emotional and Physical Wellbeing (10 points)

Test C1

01 - D

02 - C

03 - A

04 - F

0 - G

06 - F

07 - C

08 - G

09 - A

10 - D

READING Hard Training Makes the Star – Thaisa Menezes (6 points)

11 - tattooed

12 - privacy

13 - Gustavo Endres

14 - gold medals

15 - representative/rep

16 - reception, smash/smash, reception

LANGUAGE IN USE Football in England and Italy (10 points)

17 competition/competitions

18 opposing/opposition

19 inevitably

20 craze/craziness

21 variety/variant/variation

22 classy/class-conscious

23 willingness/will

24 prescriptions

25 obsession

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